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Green Commodities

AY ALTA leads global Green Commodities trade, specializing in eco-friendly Biofuel and Organic Fertilizers. Our innovative solutions prioritize sustainability, reliability, and cost-efficient business practices.

Biofuel Trading

AY ALTA, at the forefront of global petroleum products trading, pioneers in Biofuel trading, exemplifying a commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious energy solutions. As the world shifts towards greener alternatives, AY ALTA strategically incorporates Biofuel into its diverse trading portfolio.

Biofuel, a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source, is a focal point in AY ALTA’s trading operations. The company embraces the challenge of meeting the rising demand for eco-conscious options in the energy sector. AY ALTA ensures the seamless supply of Biofuel, facilitating a transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy practices.

In the realm of Biofuel trading, AY ALTA prioritizes quality assurance and adherence to rigorous environmental standards. The company’s expertise and global leadership position it as a reliable partner for industries seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. AY ALTA’s commitment to innovation and sustainability makes Biofuel trading with them a strategic choice for a more environmentally conscious energy future.

Organic Fertilizers

AY ALTA stands as a global leader, particularly in the domain of Organic Fertilizers Trading. AY ALTA’s commitment surpasses mere yield enhancement, focusing on maintaining ecological balance, preserving biodiversity, and nurturing a healthy, living soil ecosystem. Through the promotion of beneficial microbial activity, AY ALTA ensures each planting season enriches the soil, thereby contributing to increased future agricultural productivity and subsequent profit augmentation.

Farmers utilizing AY ALTA’s organic fertilizer witness tangible benefits, including increased crop yields and enhanced nutrient content. The organic fertilizer’s potential for up to a 30% rise in key crop yields and a 30% decrease in reliance on chemical fertilizers underscores its revolutionary impact on agricultural productivity and cost savings.

AY ALTA’s advanced formulation not only bolsters crops’ natural defenses, potentially reducing yield loss by up to 20%, but also enhances plant uptake of water and nutrients. This leads to more efficient use of irrigation and inputs, resulting in significant savings on water and nutrient costs.


Trade sustainably with AY ALTA, a global leader. Benefit from reliable Biofuel, eco-friendly Organic Fertilizers, and revolutionary solutions, ensuring cost-efficient, innovative, and eco-conscious commodity trading.


AY ALTA is a global leader, prioritizing sustainable Green Commodities trading solutions.


Trust AY ALTA for a consistent and eco-friendly Biofuel supply worldwide.


AY ALTA integrates Biofuel, providing innovative and eco-conscious energy solutions globally.

Eco-Friendly Agriculture

Opt for AY ALTA for Organic Fertilizers, promoting sustainable agriculture and increased yields.

Revolutionary Productivity

Experience revolutionary agricultural productivity with AY ALTA’s advanced organic fertilizers.

Cost-Efficient Choices

Choose AY ALTA for cost-efficient Green Commodities trading, optimizing resource use sustainably.